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Be amazed with this house who has a swimming pool on its roof where you can see the panoramic view of the sea!

Almost everyone of us dreams on having our own perfect summer house where we can relax every vacation and enjoy the relaxing view as well. But we also wanted to be practical especially when it comes to the electrical and water consumption. But this unusual summer house has a very unique design with an amazing attraction that is for display. The house has a pool on its roof with a panoramic view of the surroundings. The said house was designed by Anti-Reality, a page that shares beautiful and amazing art and architecture. The design has a concave roof that looks like a big basin. During sunny days, the owner of the house can put some water on his roof and it will be easily converted into a swimming pool. With this, they can easily relax while enjoying a drink and watching the sunset by the sea. According to Anti-Reality, their goal is to design a summer house and to create reverse version of a roof that can be adapted as a swimming pool. According to the designer of the house, “The roof structure is supported by 3 cores, two of them are the kitchen and bathroom. It’s very idealistic but there is a logic behind the concept.” The summer house was built in a rocky area with direct contact with water. The house’s interior is just very simple with a bathroom, kitchen, and a room. The rooms inside the house are open multi-functional space that serves among others as a living and a dining room.The design was private but the designer revealed that the summer house should be one with its surroundings as one of the design intents was to create a building that would be completely open to the surroundings, providing the possibility to observe and engage in direct contact with nature. The summer house has been designed with a seasonal recreation and weekends outside the city in mind.