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“Bahay-kubo” design of a Filipino engineer earned him a 3-million peso worth of prize!

A Filipino engineer gave pride and honor in the country as he won the top prize for the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors’ (RICS) Cities for our future competition. He is Earl Patrick Forlales, a 23-year-old engineer from Manila who takes home the £50,000 cash prize or more than P3.3 million pesos for his amazing design of a housing unit at a very low cost and could also be built in just 4 hours.

The “Cubo” housing units that were made by Forlales is made of bamboo that was made in just less than a week. The unit is very easy to assemble with a very affordable price of P3,000.

“It’s a functional home on its own, but it’s more than just a house. It’s designed to turn community waste into energy and other valuable resources, ” – Forlales explained in the BBC World Services.

Forlales explained that reason why he chose bamboo as his main material as it releases 35% more oxygen than trees and can also be harvested annually without causing soil degradation. The bamboo that he used on his units had undergone some processes for it to last long. He also added that it can be one of the solutions for the informal settlers in the country, especially in Manila.

“With the Government’s Build Build Build program there will be more construction workers coming into the city. We want our workers who are producing our high-rise multi-storey level buildings to have dignified housing of their own.” – Forlales added.

As per the big amount of money he won, he plans on building a prototype model of his work and he is aiming to make 10,000 units until 2023. He was indeed a great inspiration to many other Filipino students all over the world to strive harder in achieving their dreams in life.