Baby Sixto Dantes captured the hearts of many Filipinos because of his charm and cuteness!

Have you ever heard the Filipino saying “Kung ano ang puno ay siyang bunga.” We oftentimes hear those words to many people especially when it pertains about children inheriting some traits and physical aspect on their parents. When we talk about the physical aspects of people, they usually inherit those traits with their respective parents. It can be on their father’s or mother’s side.According to Science, genes are the responsible carrier of those hereditary traits. That is why not only physical aspects are being inherited by the children but the talent, skills, and other characteristics. Maybe aside from the genes, the culture of a person or a family can also influence in passing on these traits. But the physical aspects a person has was really because of his or her parents’ genes.
Just like the celebrity father and son tandem, Dingdong Dantes and baby Ziggy. You can easily see their similarities from different angels. They are not just a fruit and its tree but a very similar face really. They really have so much similarities especially when it comes to their physical characteristics.We can never go wrong with the fact that baby Sixto has a beautiful and gorgeous mother and a handsome father as well. No wonder that baby Zia and baby Ziggy looks so much beautiful. The twinning photos of Dingdong and baby Sixto was a great proof for that. It actually has a caption “Sixto x sixto”.

Baby Sixto really looks like a “mini me” version of his celebrity father. The happiness and the fulfillment of Dingdong and Marian as they welcomed their new bundle of joy was really priceless and genuine.Even other celebrities and well-known personalities are also very delighted and surprised with the wonderful children of the royal couple just like Mariz Umali, Joross Gamboa, Denise Laurel, Ryan Agoncillo, Kim Atienza, Gabby Eigenmann, Ashley Ortega, Vina Morales and many other famous personalities.