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Aya Medel’s success in life and career inspires a lot of netizens, earned positive comments and reactions!

It was true that change is the only permanent thing in this world. No wonder that many people would often think about all the things they have in life as temporary especially to those popular celebrities nowadays who are experiencing a lot of luxury and fame in their life. Most of them think about the long-term effects of every decision they make and they are wise enough to invest their hard-earned money with the things that they really needed in life.

Just like this former actress is known as Aya Medel. She is known before as the “Papaya Queen”, from being an actress, she is now a certified chef of her own restaurant! She shared her inspirational story in one of her interviews and it amazes a lot of people. She was featured in “Kain Na!” campaign of Department of Tourism.

She was interviewed by Jan Milo Severo of She revealed that she studied Culinary Arts in 2007 in the Center for Asian Culinary Studies. According to Chef Aya, she studied Culinary under Chef Gene Gonzalez. Cooking was really her interest even before when she was still in the show business industry. She is now very successful with her career as a chef, and she will soon be opening her third restaurant this year.

Netizens could not help but admire her and be amazed by all her hard works and efforts. Aside from being a ‘90s celebrity before, she is now the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Executive Chef of “Ishiaya’s Garden Bistro” according to her social media biography.

Who would have thought that she will still pursue her interests and her love for cooking? She was indeed blessed to be able to do the things she really wanted to do in life. Not everybody can do such a thing and most of them really have to face all the hardships and consequences in life before being able to achieve their dreams and goals in life.