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Aubrey Miles dreams of her youngest child with Troy Montero, “Rocket”, to be a beauty queen someday!

Every mother wants only the best for their children. Whatever they want to pursue in life, mothers will always be their number one supporter in all their decisions in life. It was just recently when celebrity mom Aubrey Miles shared online about her greatest dream for her 10-month-old baby named “Rocket”. The gorgeous mom revealed that she dreamed of becoming a beauty queen back in her younger years that is why she wanted her daughter to be a beauty queen when she grows up and for her to achieve her dream.

As a matter of fact, even though baby Rocket is still a young and adorable little girl, Aubrey is now preparing her to be a beauty queen in the making. She always makes sure to massage her legs for her to be long-legged in the future and would often sing her many songs. She also revealed that she will continue taking care of her daughter’s skin for it to be flawless as well as her teeth. A lot of people were shocked to know that Aubrey suffered two miscarriages before she became pregnant with baby Rocket.

The family considers Baby Rocket as one of the greatest blessings they received which they have been praying for so long. She didn’t even imagine that she will still be able to bear a child despite her age. As of now, she is already a mother of three. Her eldest son’s name is John Maurie Sandel Obligacion, her child from her ex-boyfriend JP Obligacion, her second son Hunter Cody Sandel Miller, with husband Troy Montero and their youngest adorable baby girl, Rocket, who will be a future beauty queen someday.

Aubrey Santos Sandel, professionally known as Aubrey Miles, is a 39-year-old Filipino television host, singer, model, and actress from Caloocan City. She operates a pawnshop business, “A-MILES Pawnshop”.