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Arjo Atayde revealed one of his unknown secrets; Redford White and Babalu are his reasons why he entered showbiz!

Juan Carlos Ocampo Atayde, professionally known as Arjo Atayde is a 28-year old Indonesian-Filipino actor. She is the son of one of the renowned veteran actress in the industry Sylvia Sanchez. He rose to prominence as he portrays the main antagonist role in Ang Probinsiyano, Joaquin Tuazon. Now, he had been one of the most admired and in-demand actors in the show business industry.

In one of his interviews in the ABS-CBN morning show. Magandang Buhay, he was quoted saying; “I love watching old school. So ang nakasanayan kong panuorin talaga na hindi alam ng tao is comedy. Redford White at Babalu, sila ang rason kung bakit ako nag-artista, dahil sila ang gusto kong maka-trabaho. That’s one secret that no one knows.”

He was also a fan of the late Comedy King Dolphy and his godfather, the late Rene Requiestas. Though he was bashed on social media because of his resemblance with Redford White, he felt honored rather than mad or humiliated.


Source: Virtualpinoy