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Anjo Yllana’s beautiful and gorgeous daughter amazes the public with her amazing photos online!

It was never an easy task being a parent. You will definitely be more responsible and disciplined than before, more selfless and would prioritize the welfare of their children and family more than anything else. Parents were also the one who nurture, support and encourage their children to be good individuals and to have their goals in the future.

Recently, the daughter of Anjo Yllana made rounds on different social media platforms as she really had the looks of becoming the next most beautiful face in the industry. The netizens were surprised that he already had a 20-year old daughter named Mikaela Yllana.

Anjo Yllana or Andrés José Garchitorena Yllana Jr. in real life is a 51-year-old actor-comedian, television host and politician from Quezon City. He is the eldest among his three other brothers, two of them were already in the show business industry, Jomari and Ryan and Paulie, their other sibling. His wife, Jacqui Manzano was also an actress before and they were blessed with four children namely; Mikaela, Andee, Jaime, and Nathan.

Mikaela Yllana celebrated last December 23, 2016, her 18th birthday at the Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan wearing a stunningly beautiful off-shoulder red gown. Netizens could not help but admire this young lady’s selfies and travel photos. She definitely has the beauty and the physical looks to be a model or an actress someday.

Her angelic face, beautiful looking eyes, lips, nose, and thick eyebrows are just some of her most beautiful assets. A lot of people are very excited if she would enter the show business industry or will her father allow her to be on the same industry as he’s into. This young lovely woman would definitely have a bright future in the industry. She will surely have a countless number of fans, followers, and supporters. But for now, we can only wait and be patient until we can see and watch this lovely lady on-screen.