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Angel Locsin shared her humble beginnings and how she was discovered as an actress

A lot of our favorite celebrities had their own amazing stories of how they were discovered and how they actually start in the show business industry. It was such wonderful experience to look back from where they started and to what they have now and the success they finally achieved after all their hard work and dedication.

Their success can also be seen in their eyes and even on the tone of their voice. There were actually some celebrities who were born with a lot of cameras around them while there were others who were discovered in sidewalks and in many other places.

Just like the renowned Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin. She was interviewed on the morning show “Magandang Buhay” and one of its hosts Melai Cantiveros requested her to share how she started as an actress. Angel shared that they were inside a grocery store together with his best friend.

She saw a man on a lotto queue who suddenly approached her but she immediately runs out of fear. She thought that the man will get her but he just gave her a calling card instead. Later did she know that the man just wanted her to become a commercial model. Because she really wanted to help her family, she grabbed the opportunity and asked the man how much would she earn and she laughed.

The “The General’s Daughter” star added that it was really hard for her at first as she would have to commute a lot and sacrifice for the sake of her family. She also added that she doesn’t have any idea that she will be appearing on television because her main focus was to earn money even at a very young age.

There were also a time when her father get mad at her because she was in a workshop that time and her father asks her a lot of questions but the workshops’ number rule was to tell no one about anything happening on the workshop. But her father eventually understands and they were in good terms now. She is now one of the most admired and sought-after actresses until today.