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Andi Eigenmann returns to Siargao island to fight postpartum blues

It was never easy to bring a new life here on Earth. Especially those days when you still have that life inside your womb and you are trying everything to keep him or her safe and sound inside you.

You would have probably done anything from eating a lot of fruits and vegetables to keep the both of you healthy as well as drinking a lot of water and fresh juices. You may have also been withdrawing and avoiding the things, the unhealthy lifestyle, and the foods and drinks you used to consume when you are not pregnant yet. Yes, it may be a hard journey for all the women out there, but it will always be and forever be worth it.

A lot of women can definitely relate about Andi Eigenmann experiencing postpartum blues after she gave birth to her second child. As opened about her experiencing postpartum blues, she now returns to Siargao with her partner Philmar Alipayo and her children Ellie and baby Lilo. She had stayed in Manila for two months and as she head backs to the island, she is hoping that she will be returning back to the “most impactful way”.

Andi Eigenmann recently posted on her social media account how excited she was that sunny days will soon be coming and that was the things she would always tell herself especially when she was feeling confused with so many things about her life. She also revealed that she really missed her old self before having two children.

But she also assured everyone that she loves where she is now, though it wouldn’t be so easy but she will continue going. It was also included on her recent Instagram post that having two kids already made her like “losing her mind” but she had also found her soul as her family had been her greatest anchor in times of strong waves in life.

It was in July 24, 2019 when Andi and her partner Philmar Alipayo welcomed their daughter baby Lilo. Baby Lilo is Andi’s second child and Philmar’s third child having two sons already namely: Toro and Konoa. Ellie is Andi’s seven-year-old child wih ex boyfriend actor Jake Ejercito.

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