An old man goes viral as he kneeled to pray during a strong earthqÜake while other people around him panicked!

A lot of people were worried because of what happened to several parts of Mindanao as it has been hit by earthquakes three times! But this old man’s photo immediately went viral online as he was actually kneeling to pray along the roadside during the earthqÜake. It garnered a lot of comments and reactions from the netizens. Many people admire the old man because he served as a reminder for everyone to keep our faith especially in situations where our safety, security, and life are at risk.

A certain Jim Brya Dalida Faeldonia shared the photo of the old man online. He didn’t have a chance to get the old man’s name or details but he was soon identified because his picture immediately went viral on different social media platforms. The old man was later known as Maximino D. Rubi from Don Carlos, Bukidnon. He was reported to be safe after the strong 6.6 magnitude earthqÜake.

Some netizens commented on the viral photo saying:
“Clearly this man has faith. Ito ang dapat sina sana all at dapat pamarisan. Keep Safe to us here in Mindanao! Sending love and light to all most especially to those who are badly affected [by] this catastrophe,” a netizen commented.

“I hope people pray every day not only in times of d!saster or difficulties. Prayer is a powerful message to God but Prayer is also a way in thanking Him in many ways. Pray everyday po.” another netizen shared.

A lot of people were really touched by what Tatay Maximino did. It was really not every day that we can witness such strong faith in God. Nowadays, people tend to be very busy and occupied with so many things in their life that is why the old man was really a great reminder and inspiration to a lot of people who tend to forget about their relationship with God.