An old man bought an old cabinet at a garage sale, he was surprised to hear some noises inside and found this secret compartment!

Many people are fascinated with the old structures, vintage furniture, history, and the likes. Maybe because they were amazed with how intricate the structure or the furniture is especially when it is an old one.

Just like this man from Texas who bought a wooden cabinet at a garage sale for US$100. Emil Knodell saw this cabinet and its marble top and wood finishing and it really caught his attention.

He was also told that it was 125 years old already! Unfortunately, the initial price of the cabinet was really expensive. But after three days, the cabinet was still on the garage sale as no one buy it in the first few days. That was the reason why the seller reduced the price into US$100.

Because he thought that it was already a good deal, he decided to buy the cabinet already. He was very satisfied with the furniture because its marble top is easy to clean and the cabinet has a finely carved pattern, a beautiful paint finish and made from high quality wood.

As Emil and his friend picked up the cabinet, he heard something at the bottom part of the furniture. As he searched for that weird sound, he found a secret compartment on the bottom part of the cabinet. Little did he knew that the secret compartment was filled with diamonds, jewelry, money, and other old items from the civil!

He was surprised to know that the cabinet he purchased has a lot of expensive things on it. But instead of keeping it to himself, he immediately returned it to the seller. He learned that the seller’s grandparents are the owner of the cabinet and all the things he found there were actually their family’s inheritance. The seller wanted to reward him for what he have done but he insisted on keeping only the cabinet and return the things that doesn’t belong to him.