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An image of Jesus appeared on a garbage site in Quezon where people prayed and worshipped!

We all know about our own faith and relationship with God. No other people can dictate us or instruct us what to do and what to believe.

a lot of people tend to worship an image on a garbage site in Tiaong, Quezon. It looks like an image of Jesus and the people in the community actually believed that it was sacred.

As many other people knew about it, more and more people came to see for themselves about the said image.

Many of them believe that the said image was an apparition of Jesus. The residents even said that the said image and garbage spot was miraculous. It went viral on different social media platforms and was also featured in the magazine show Kapuso Mo Jessica Sojo.

Who would have thought that people and believers don’t only pray on their churches and homes but also on a garbage site?

Source: Trendingplanet