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An emotional reunion of a father and his OFW daughter made everyone cry in tears!

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding and happiest parts of our life. This is a wonderful blessing from above that everyone could ever hoped for. Maybe, if you are going to ask any parent in this world if he or she would still treat his or her child as a baby even if he or she grows old, they would definitely agree! Their unconditional love and care for their children will always be there, for a lifetime.

Recently, the attention of many people was caught by the viral video of a father who became very emotional as he saw his OFW daughter came home after some years of working abroad. The father immediately hugged his daughter so tightly and he even carried her like a baby from the outside to the inside of their house.

A certain Jeaprilyn De Padua II shared this video on social media. She is working in Lingsen Precision Ind. Ltd. in Taichung, Taiwan and is currently having her vacation in the Philippines. She graduated Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education (BSIE) from Batangas State University, Balayan Campus in Batangas.

She is working abroad and she needs to work away from her family for a almost a year or more. No wonder that her father was very surprised and excited to see her in physically present in front of him. Jeaprilyn came home riding a tricycle all by herself as seen on the video. Because of the overflowing emotions, he could not contain his excitement and he hugged his daughter very tight.

There were also a lot of netizens who felt the same way as this family did. True enough that family’s love and care will always be the most comfortable and the safest place anyone could ever be. A gift of family will always be something to be grateful for.