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An amazing Filipino Lolo who still works very hard despite the fact that he is already blind!

Life is hard indeed. It may be full of struggles, challenges, and problems but it still has its own beautiful ray of sunshine and bountiful blessings as well. No wonder that this old man in Bacacay, Albay still perseveres despite his condition. The 76-year old ice drop vendor was admired and loved by many people in the area as he never let his situation to be a hindrance in his work. He can even give the exact and right change to his customers even if he doesn’t see anything. How can he distinguish coins and paper bills from one another! Actually, he also sells “balut and penoy” at night and during summer he also makes woven bayongs. What an incredible and amazing dedication and commitment he has! If we have a complete sense of sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell, we should all be grateful that we have all of those. And even we lack even just one sense out of five, let the old ice drop vendor from Albay be an inspiration to all of us.Source: PinoyUpdate