An 18-year-old girl faced the judgement of the society as she juggles being a mother and being a student as she finished her studies!

We can never judge a person just because of his or her mistake from the past. It is best to give them enough time and support them as they bring back their self together and as they continue to rebuild their dreams and goals in life.

It was not a good idea to judge them harshly and to say a lot of negative comments about their failure. This young mother suffered from the mean and judgmental society we have now. It is because she got pregnant at an early age and she continued her studies afterwards.

Zianne Tremedal’s story went viral on different social media platforms as she shared how she accepted and endured all the hurtful words people throw unto her just because she got pregnant at an early age.

She got pregnant when she was on her third year on her Medical Technology course at Southwestern University in Cebu. Many people described her as a “black sheep” in the family who brought shame to her family. When she learned that she was already two months pregnant, she went to a clinic and had an ultrasound. At first, she didn’t know if she will be crying because of $adness or happiness.

But she was very certain that she was surprised and delighted that she hears a heartbeat inside of her womb. She was actually hesitant if she will still continue her studies despite her condition.

Her classmates were a big help for her as she had a lot of things to carry at school. When she gave birth to her baby, she needed to asked help from her parents to take care of her child. Three times a week she would send breastmilk to her baby inside an ice bucket through a cargo service. According to her, it is really a hurtful experience and it was a shame somehow but she thinks that she is doing that thing for her and for her child and not to anyone.

Now, she is already a registered Medical Technologist at the age of 21 and she had shared a lot of inspiration and lesson to many people.