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A woman locked herself in her room for a very long period of time because her boyfriend left her!

Loving someone is one of the most precious and unforgettable moment a person could ever experience. It remains in the heart and mind of many of us for a long time. It can also serve as a great inspiration to have goals, plans, and dreams on the future ahead. But unfortunately, it can also be the worst nightmare for some people.

Like this woman in China who just locked herself inside her room for a long time and eat just a very minimal portion of food. She was discovered by the policemen inside a hostel room where she used to live and they were all shocked to witness such a horrible scene. The room was already filled with a lot of trashes from the foods that the woman ordered through delivery and the mountain of tissue papers all scattered on the floor, at the door and even in the comfort room.

According to the hostel owner, there was a foul smell that they noticed near the area and as they find the room of the woman and they felt that something was really strange, they did not let any second pass and called the policemen right away.

The very skinny and malnourished woman revealed that she was left by her boyfriend for no reason at all that is why she just locked herself in the room and cried over and over again. Many netizens could not help but understand and sympathize with her but there are also some who disagree on the woman’s way of dealing with her breakup and that it was never a good reason to forget about yourself.

The policemen helped in cleaning the woman’s room full of garbages. The owner of the hostel also instructed the woman to leave as soon as possible as they did not want to experience the same scenario ever again.