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A video of a rider who had a confrontation with two other riders who are practicing on a national highway earned elicit reactions and comments!

We can never know when an accident will happen that is why we should always be careful always and at all times. Recently, a video of this man went viral on social media and earned a lot of comments and reactions from the netizens. The viral video was posted on “Rider’s Fact” page and the video was credited to certain Jade Ortega. It actually earned 12 thousand reactions, 8.9 thousand comments, and 13 thousand shares as of this writing.

On the said video, the man on the video decided to record the incident on his camera as he knew that there is something going on with the man along with him on the road. As the man blocks him, the horn and signaled the man that he will overtake after some time, the man talked to him like a boss and his fellow rider even asked about his license.

The two get very mad at the man overtakes on the other rider. The two riders were later known to be practicing on a national roadway according to them!

Source: ThefirstFactRiders of the philippines