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A sneak-peak on Vice Ganda’s amazing home all from his hard work and perseverance!

We may have heard a lot of successful stories of different people here or abroad. It was such an inspiration to know about those people who once experienced difficult and challenging times in their lives and now they are now successful on their chosen paths. There may be people who once had a small and simple house but now they are living in a grand and expensive mansion, once they only had their bicycle and now they are riding their luxurious cars.

This may be the life of the popular comedian Vice Ganda. Because of his incredible charm and talent, he captured the hearts of many Filipino people and even the foreigners. Because of his incredible talent, a lot of doors opened for him that had given him so much success and fame.

True enough that his career continues to prosper and grow. He was even into acting, hosting and singing! He even had his own house in Quezon City. Though, it was his own house he revealed that it was also his surprise for his mother Rosario. It took them 8 months for the construction of his three-storey home. It was a 380 square meter house designed by Avelle Francisco.

It was full of mirrors and one of its highlights was the stairs that were made of glass. Aside from this, his veranda was also made out of glass.

Most of the furniture inside his house is custom-made and very expensive. Some of it actually came from other countries. Avelle Francisco really made it to a point that Vice’s garden will complement everything in the house.

His house was indeed a fruit of all of his hard work and efforts. He may start a very simple life but he was able to help all his families, loved ones and friends. He even helped out his friends who don’t have a job as well as other people who need help.