A seafarer miraculously survived after he fell in the ocean and floated there together with sharks!

Many people believed that seaman’s life was amazing but they didn’t know that their job was really difficult. The unpredictable weather and their miles away from home really made it so difficult for them.

An incident actually opened the eyes of many people that being a seafarer was never an easy job and you really need to take care always. We can never say when accidents will happen and the incident that happened to this seaman really became an eye-opener to many.

He is known as Loreto Miles Moscoso III, who graduated Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation and is now working in a cargo ship that sails in different routes all over the world. According to him, he never expected his survival because he fell on an area where a lot of sharks are situated. But despite his situation, he remained calm and faithful and did everything for him to be able to survive.

The incident happened on June 6, 2018, during his duty. As they were waiting for their pilot to come, he was instructed by their Chief Officer to release the cargo containers. As he was on his position to save some strength to move the turning buckle on the cargo container, he didn’t notice that there was nothing to step on to and that was the reason why he fell down the ship.

He shouted “Man Over Board” so many times but no one heard him because of the reefer noise. He didn’t know what to do because he had already in water and he also suffered from a spinal cord fracture.

He decided to swim away from the ship as the propeller might hit him and as he swam a couple of hours he was shocked to saw a shark double his size just in front of him. When he wanted to give up, he just saw himself being saved by a very shiny light from above. He knew that it was God and from then on, he never stops hoping that he would survive the incident. He then saw a helicopter and he pushed himself to wave and caught the attention of the people on the helicopter. And he was saved after floating almost four hours in the ocean without anything or any survival kit on hand.