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A hotel in Iloilo that only accepts married couple in their sharing room policy astounded netizens!

In our society today, it has been a strict reminder for young people not share a room with their special someone, girlfriend or boyfriend outside marriage. Two people loving each other should always be careful on the things they do and the decisions they made for them not to regret anything especially when something happens. That is why one of this establishment in Iloilo amazes the public as well as the netizens by their sharing policy.

Ephrathah Farms has this guideline and it reads that only married couples are allowed to share a room. Their front desk officer can also ask for any proof if two people checking in for a room are real married couples. The guidelines also read as:
“In as much as we would like to maximize business gains, we are compelled by our Christian belief to adhere to this rule,” it earned countless positive comments and reactions from many people.

Source: News.abs-cbn