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A grateful doctor operates his favorite teacher’s broken arms and left a note for her saying that his professional fee has already been paid 22 years ago!

A patient in Perpetual Succour Hospital received a delightful surprise as she will pay her hospital bill on the nurse’s station. Virginia Roble, a high school teacher from Mandaue Cebu had her right arm broke and she needed to undergo an operation on the hospital mentioned above. As she pays her medical expenses, she received a heartwarming message from her doctor, Dr. Dilbert Monicit that was actually her student before. He did the operation of his teacher for free.In a handwritten letter of the kind doctor, he wrote that it has been 22 years ago since he had been paid with all of the professional fees of his former teacher. He also includes the letter that she was her favorite teacher.

As a way of appreciation, the teacher shared her wonderful experience to her social media account. According to the teacher’s post, she will be paying her medical expenses on the nurse’s station of the Perpetual Succour Hospital when she received a letter from the nurse’s station. She was very grateful to Dr. Dilbert Monicit for an early Christmas gift. She was also teary-eyed as the letter was handed down on her because she thought that it was a prescription.

The viral post had earned a lot of comments and reactions from the netizens. The doctor was praised and commended by a lot of people because of his generosity and kind heart for her former teacher. The teacher was also commended because she will never be treated that way if she was not a great teacher ever since.True enough that there are still some people who never forget to be grateful to those people who had been part of their successful journey. It was an inspiration to many people that there is actually these kinds of doctor who still have the care, respect, and love for his former teacher. Despite the many years that had been gone, the life lessons and the memories the teacher shared to her students still remains in their hearts and minds.