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A fast-food chain crew was surprised by their customer who had given her a car as a gift!

In our everyday lives, it is not every day when we meet and encounter people who touched our lives even in their simple ways. Vicki Anderson, a resident in Kansas, America who was a dedicated and hardworking service crew of a famous fast food chain, McDonald’s.

Little that she knew that her loyal customers will gift her a car since she was just asking a ride from her co-workers to go to work because her car is not working anymore. The 53-year old woman doesn’t have enough money to buy herself a new car.

Chris Ellis and Josh are her customers on drive-thru and she was very surprised to know that they will be giving her a car! Vicki was very grateful towards them and she really appreciates the love and the care they have for her.

Not everyone can appreciate your worth. But there are still some people who will love you, and support you just for being yourself.


Source: Famoustrends