A delivery man was spotted waiting outside the customer’s house for an hour! Instead of being angry, he smiled!

Online shopping became handy. Many of us are fond of buying items in online shops because of convenience. Instead of wasting money and time shopping in malls or stores, just open-up the online shopping apps on your smartphones and you can easily start browsing, selecting, and buy desired items.

Technology innovates rapidly. This kind of innovation helped people who have difficulties on their schedule. For example, the housewives can easily buy things using online shopping and can have more time for her children and household duties.

Another good thing about online shopping is the payment system called COD or Cash On Delivery. Instead of purchasing items by using Credit or Debit Cards, you can select COD to ensure that your money can be secured and you will not have any doubt on the shipment.

However, there is a post went viral because one delivery man from an online shop was spotted waiting for almost an hour outside the costumer’s house.

A facebook user named Bea Aspiras posted photos of a man who is sitting outside the costumer’s house. The said delivery man uses a motorcycle to deliver items for online shopping. Bea also expressed her sympathy for the man and even praised him for the kind of effort shown.

According to Bea’s post:
“Ngayon lang ako mag popost ng ganito, and this is for every person using online shopping.
Nakita ko si Manong rider sa labas ng ganito almost 1hr din syang nag hintay dun sa customer. Honestly, nakakaawa talaga sila makitang ganito lalo na’t pag nakita mo yung itsura nila na halatang pagod na. Nung lumabas yung customer, binati sya ni Manong nang nakangiti. And he’s old na guys but still manage to do his job. Kudos to you Manong”

This post taught us some moral lessons in life. The delivery man is a good example of a hardworking person. Though he waited for too long, he did not complain for it, instead he smiled! This also a reminder for all online shoppers to be cautious and mindful on their purchase to avoid this kind of event.