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A deceased rich man wanted his family to put $5,700 inside his coffin to bribe god!

Different cultures have different beliefs especially when it comes to their loved ones who passed away. Recently, there had been an incident about this man who passed away who included on his final will to bury some money with him in his coffin. The Ugandan man was known to be Charles Obong, 52 years old.

He died because of a very long illness and was buried on his ancestral home in Adag-ani village, Bar-pii parish, Aromo Sub-county in Lira District, Uganda. He was a former government employee and when his body was exhumed $100 notes worth $5,700 was recovered on his grave. Reverend Joel Agel Awio said “There was no amount of money that could buy eternal life, adding that God could not accept such “a golden handshake”.

His metallic coffin was actually worth $5 509.60. His reason for doing such a thing was to offer something to God for him to be saved from the condemned fire of hell

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