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Alden Richards and Kakai Bautista’s flirting video earned negative comments and reactions from the public!

Richard Reyes Faulkerson Jr., or simply known as Alden Richards, is a 27-year old actor, host, model and recording artist. He is the other half of the AlDub loveteam together with the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza. He recently had a viral video with Kakai Bautista. She is a 40-year old actress, host, singer, and comedienne.

On the video, Alden and Kakai seem that they had just woken up from a very long and tiring sleep. They tend to be very sweet with each other all throughout the video to the point that it looked like they are already kissing each other. Kakai had also mentioned that it was the cheat day of the young Kapuso actor and he was very happy to eat his favorite food.

Many netizens, as well as the public, had been angered by the viral video as they were doing things that only romantically linked people usually do.


Source: Saksika.com