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You won’t fully imagine that these celebrities are actually blood-related

Filipinos are very fond in watching television shows and every Filipino admires various celebrities. Different individuals with different favorite celebrities but have ever heard that some of these Filipino celebrities are blood related? Besides well-known celebrity siblings, there are celebrities that you won’t fully imagine were actually relatives.

These are the unexpected but blood related celebrities,

1. Comedian Tiya Pusit (Myrna Villanueva) is actually sister of Nova Villa (Novelita Villanueva Gallegos).


2. “Daboy” Rudy Fernandez (Rodolfo Valentino Padilla Fernandez) are actually from famous Padilla clan from his mother side. Rommel, Robin, and Rustom Padilla (BB) are Rudy’s first degree cousins.


3. Lander Vera Perez is actually half-brother of Charlene Gonzales. Not by blood but through his step-father Pepito Vera-Perez.


4. George Estregan from classic films is uncle of Jake Ejercito. Jake was recently linked with Maine Mendoza


5. Eula Valdez (Julia Amorsolo Valdez) is actually auntie of Paolo Ballesteros. Eula’s mother, Gracia, and Paolo’s paternal grandmother, Virginia, are daughters of the National Artist Fernando Amorsolo.


6. Georgia Wilson (Georgina Ashley Diaz Wilson) is a first degree cousin of Isabel Daza. Georgina Wilson’s mother (Aurora Diaz) and Miss Universe 1969 (Gloria Diaz) are actually sisters.


7. Zsa Zsa Padilla is actually first degree cousin of Lorna Tolentino and Amy Perez. Their mothers are sisters.


8. Mikee Cojuanco and Kris Aquino are actually first degree cousins. Mikee’s father (Jose Cojuanco Jr.) is brother of Kris’ mother (Corazon Aquino).


9. Helen Gamboa is actually Sharon Cuneta’s auntie. Sharon’s mother is Helen Gamboas’ sister. This makes Ciara Sotto as KC Conception’s auntie.


10. Coleen Garcia (Danielle Claudine Ortega Garcia) and Arjo Atayde (Juan Carlos Ocampo Atayde) are cousins.


11. Bente Kwarto Oras news anchor Mike Enriquez (Miguel Castro Enriquez) is actually uncle of Glaiza de Castro (Glaiza Castro Galura).


12. Ysabel Ortega is actually Lito Lapid’s daughter from Michelle Ortega.


13. Daria Ramirez is actually mother of Keempee de Leon from Joey de Leon.

Some celebrities might be surprising to know that they are actually blood related and it is undeniable that blood of born-to-be-celebrities runs through them.


Source: Artistanow