Xian Gaza, Walang Dala Pagkatapos Tanggihan ni Erich, At may bagong ka date ngayon

Who didn’t know about Xian Gaza, a businessman who recently went out from jail by bail? He was accused by estafa due to a bounced check. He is a loud social media influencer and fearless in everything he does.

Recently, he invited Erich Gonzales for a coffee date and put it on a billboard. Erich, on the other hand, didn’t accept it. There are also some posts of Xian going shopping for nice stuff that every girl will like; it was rumored that Erich is the lucky girl.

After Erich rejected, Xian prospected another girl and this time it is Mrytle Sarrosa, a celebrity from PBB. Xian posted a poster of Avengers: Infinity War which is an edited version.

He put the picture of Myrtle and said on his post that he doesn’t have money for a billboard since he is poor for now.

Xian’s personality is bubbly but most people were annoyed by his too loud and proud personality. Some think that he is a disturbed person.

Source: celebmagazine