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Woman Got Her Lips Tattooed, She Gets Unexpected Reaction 3 Days Later

Many women are thinking about looking fresh all the time. The trend of perfect eyebrows and kissable lips are still in so girls make sure their beauty is fail-proof all day long. Lip tattoo is one of the common solutions to make long-lasting kissable lips.

A woman from Vietnam posted pictures of her lips and asked for help. She had her lips tattooed, and three days later, the woman got an allergic reaction. Her lips plump and look crap. Netizens advised her to see a doctor or go back to the tattoo shop and asked for a refund.

The woman now learned her lesson, although in a hard, messy way. So the other girls too will be warned about the beauty risk they will take. Not all the advertisement about beauty can make on beautiful.

For over the years, this is not the first case that a procedure was gone wrong. Just be careful everyone.

Source: Insidereader