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Willie Revillame’s daughter caught the attention of many netizens!

Filipinos are known for its family oriented characteristics because almost all prioritizes family over everything after God.

Parents are working hard to give their children education for their future and children who finally had education degree will do their best to pay back and give their parents comfortable life while getting old. But not everyone is like this because the only support parents can give is financial support.

Some parent are quite having a busy and a hectic schedules due to some big projects or the work location is far from home. Thanks to technologies today, we can see and talk with our loved ones as soon as there are cellular signal or internet connection. But physical presence and caress are different from digital.

Just like with some well-known celebrities in the showbiz industry, they also doesn’t have all time to spend with their families.

Willie Revillame is one among busiest individual in the world of showbiz who also doesn’t have all his time to spend with his loved ones.

Willie has four children named Meryll, L.A., Marimonte, and Juamee. One of his children was three years old when she was revealed in Philippine televisions and it was his birthday that day.

Willie is dreaming to be with his four children one day.

Recently, a picture of Willie with his grown-up daugther Mariamonte with her sister Meryll was seen over the internet. The three of them seems to be having so much fun and enjoyment together.


Source: Manilaliving