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Ultimate House: Sino bang ayaw tumira sa ganitong klaseng bahay ni Jackie Chan

Chan Kong-sang, known professionally as Jackie Chan, is one of the most recognizable and influential cinematic personalities in many parts of the world because of his amazing movie films.

He is one among A-list celebrities who contributed a lot in the field of movie industry. Jackie is not just a martial artist actor, he is also a film director, producer, natural comedian, and stuntman. He well-known to perform his own dangerous stunts, for his acrobatic style, and comic timing.

Jackie has trained kungfu or wushu, and hapkido and he has appeared in over 150 films since 1960.

With the wealth associated in his fame and glory, he helps those in needs. Actually, he is globally known as philanthropist wherein he has been named as one of the most charitable celebrities.

At year 2016, he was the second highest paid actor in the whole world. Being one among wealthy personalities, he also invests his fortune. According to LA Times newspaper, Jackie Chan purchased a home year 1998 and he sold it 8 years later.

The astonishing, glamourous, and magnificent French Villa-inspired home owned by Jackie Chan before is located in Beverly Hills, north of Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. The property is now listed for its $12.25 million dollar price.

Let’s take a look of how gorgeous this dream-house of many is!


Source: Livelovelaugh