True Love Exists as This Gorgeous Woman Finds Her Forever from a Man Who is Thrice as Her Weight

Most people are looking at the outward appearance. For boys, they want hot girls with pretty face, sexy body, and charismatic aura. For girls, they want muscle body, handsome, and sex appeal from a hot guy.


However, a gorgeous woman chose the opposite as she got into a relationship with a guy who is thrice as her weight.

Puwadol, the woman, is a nurse who meet the chubby guy called Bola. He has been bullied many times due to his figure even when he was a kid.

Now, many netizens envy him as they meet the girl who lovingly accepted Bola. The two are happy together, and in fact, they already have a baby just late last year. Even people judge them, the two are happy together and according to Puwadol, Bola is so caring and understanding.

True love exists in an expected way for these two lovers.

Source: ThinkingCarabao