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Tingnan Ang Lumang Litrato ni Lotlot De Leon Kung Saan Para Silang Kambal ni Maine Mendoza

Throwback photos remind people how life is back then during younger years. A lot of celebrities are fond of posting their throwback photos. Lotlot De Leon posted a picture of her when she was young via Instagram.

A lot of people mistaken her as Maine Mendoza. The two resembles each other, same facial features. Both of them are beautiful and charming. Janine Gutierrez, Lotlot daughter also looks like Maine’s facial features. No wonder why people mistook Lotlot’s throwback picture as Maine.

Most people who followed her were surprised by her photo. Lotlot De Leon is a real beauty. She is a FilAm who was adopted by Christopher de Leon and Nora Aunor. Lotlot’s biological father is a Former US Navy where she gots her mestiza looks.

Do you think Lotlot’s throwback picture resembled Maine Mendoza?

Source: definitelyfilipino