This Heartwarming Poem From A Dad Who is Terminally Ill Sending His Love and Care to His Child

As everyone says, death is inevitable. Everyone will face the time where the body will be lifeless. Some people prepared for it, and some didn’t expect it will happen so soon. There is a profession like police officers, firefighters, soldiers, and the army whose life are near-death. PO2 Dante Asuncion, a policeman, died but not work-related.

The family of PO2 Dante Asuncion didn’t expect that he will be soon gone. Despite being full of life, energy, and young- Dante is terminally ill as he was diagnosed with cancer. The most notorious killer of people, suddenly cancer take away all his hopes, dreams, and life.

One of his friends, Nivram Elboder Odabas, a Facebook user shared his poem. The poem was written by Dante when he was still alive so that his child will be able to read it when the right time comes. It was entitled “ANAK PAALAM NA”.

Many netizens feel the pain in every word in Dante’s poem. Many send their condolences, those who knew their family were so surprised and felt regretful that he died at a young age.

Now, Dante’s child will grow without him at the side, but surely, the child will forever treasure the love of his father.