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This Australia-Based Pinoy Shows That everyone Can Be a Good Samaritan By Helping a Homeless Man in The Street of Australia

Not all people can help someone, especially a stranger or an odd looking person on the streets. A Pinoy in Australia named Luis Xavier del Rosario helped a homeless man to get motivated in moving forward.

Luis noticed Ian, the homeless guy, alone and looked horrible. He eventually sat beside him and gave him a bottle of water thinking to encourage the man.

“Can I help you get your life back together?” Luis asked the man.

Then their friendship started there, he accompanied Ian to a barber shop to have a decent look and later brought him to a restaurant to eat there. The two have a chit-chat together, and Luis motivated Ian, despite having no one, Ian has to get back his life.

Luis posted it on Facebook to encourage people to help others who are in need. As his last message goes:

“I hope this post inspires you to do what you can to help those in need!”

Sometimes, helping someone even in our little ways can bring much to people who we support. So, the question is- are you willing to help others too like Luis?

Source: urdailyjournal