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The Holdaper Who Has A Schedule of His Robbery Gigs Got Caught Beyond His Schedule

Robbery is one of the common crimes you can see anywhere- PUV, malls, market, and even on streets under broad daylight. You can see robbers anytime- some dressed nice, and some are also using children as the culprit. No matter how safe the place seems, even with CCTV, robbers are brave enough to do their crimes anywhere.

Just like this robbery in Cebu City, Allein Hussein Sumadlayon who got arrested while he is doing his crime. There is no unusual on the way he got arrested but what makes him so special is that a piece of paper found in his possession. The paper is a list of his schedule.

Who can expect that a robber like him will have a schedule of his robbery gigs? But he missed one schedule- it is getting caught. Netizen Yham Logenio Quimba posted the list, and it gets viral, the netizens were surprised how organised these villains nowadays.

Source: Infactbuzz