The Director of a Film in Hongkong Finds A Filipina Suitable for the Role

OFWs are very dedicated to their jobs; they sacrificed a lot especially leaving their family behind and working full-time abroad. The dedication of OFWs based in Hongkong inspired director Wong Fei-pang that lead to a movie.

The movie was about a Filipino Domestic Helper who goes away from her family to provide a better living for them. The DH had a job of taking care an elderly who is suffering from dementia. The movie will leave eyes opened on how hard life is with OFWs, along with the daily struggles they are facing.

The Filipina who was chosen to be portraying the lead role is a Filipina from Palawan named Minpa Gervacio. She will be playing Martika, the DH in the movie. The movie changes her life of working eight years abroad.

“I told myself, I am not going to leave Hong Kong without showing you that I have succeeded. So even when I’m having a hard time, I cannot tell [my family back home].” Minpa said.

The director chose Minpa for the role as she perfectly fits it.

“As I was writing the script, I realised it still lacked something, though I couldn’t pinpoint what it was. You couldn’t really feel the emotions of the character.”

“When we met Minpa, suddenly everything was solved. She made the character a lot more layered.”