Surprisingly Reason Why Men Fall Asleep Fast After Love-making

Most of the times, couples agreed that men often fell asleep faster than women after love making. Some say it is because of tiredness as men exhorted more effort on sex. However, science proved that the energy spent while doing sex has nothing to do with who will fall asleep first.

Dopamine, which is responsible for the reward-motivation behaviour of a human, plays a huge role in the men’s behaviour after sex. Since it is released after pleasure, it has a connection on the behaviour of most men as they feel satisfied and sleepy after sex.

However, it is best to keep your partner awake and cuddle until both of you fell asleep. It also promotes touch therapy and keeps an inseparable bond between a couple. While this happens, oxytocin, the love hormones released by the body will promote stronger relationship.

Although most of the times, men fell asleep after lovemaking, waking him up with some cuddles won’t hurt and will eventually keep him sweeter.

Source: Infactbuzz