Social Media’s Beauty and The Beast Proves That True Love Does Exist

In love, does physical appearance really matters? If you asked many men and women, they would say, yes.

But this Brit woman finds her love in not-so-handsome prince of his life, some says, he is ugly. The latter was named, Bayu Kumbara, a simple man from Indonesia.

The two met when Jennifer, the Brit woman, came to Sumatra for a vacation, while Bayu is studying in the Andalas University in the same country.

By the charm, kind heart, and sense of humor, Bayu gets the yes he always wanted.

The two planned to get married in 2015, but the budget was too short, so they asked for help on the internet.

They didn’t get as much as they expected but still, they pursue the marriage. Now, they are still happily married with one beautiful daughter.

Although they were called as Beauty and the Beast, their love for each other are more beautiful than anything in this world.