Sitwasyon ngayon ng dating Robot na ginawa at ginamit sa Hollywood movie

Since before, robots are very popular and mainly designed and made for infants and kids. Almost every kid, mostly a boy, dreamt and loves to have one and enjoyably play it.

There are numerous movies even animes made, which starred robot, since then and they’re quite entertaining and robots are still continuing to amaze children up to now.

One of the movies who starred robots is Robo Warriors. Robo Warriors is a 1996 action, adventure, and a sci-fi movie, directed by Ian Barry, and with a description of “The year is 2036 and the Earth has been conquered by a race of half-human, half-reptile beings. A revolution is ignited when 12-year-old Zac finds the last Robo Warrior, a towering fighting machine, to help destroy the invaders and save the Earth” and its filming location is in the Philippines. Source

Photo by : IMDB

Yes, its filming location is in Philippines, specifically in Porac Pampanga according to a facebook page, Philippine Shocking History.

Did the production made a gigantic robot as leading character in the movie? Let’s see some picture that was very identical to the movie’s leading character.

Photo by : Philippine Shocking History
Photo by : Philippine Shocking History
Photo by : Philippine Shocking History

Philippine Shocking History named the robot as “Porac Babo Robot” and said that the gigantic robot was neglected by Pampanga government so it became rusty.

Many reacted and commented with the photos of Porac Babo Robot and said that if they took care of it, it can be a tourist spot up to now.

Japan is known to have gigantic robot displayed in public and among them is a Gundam.

Porac Babo Robot was said to be salvaged by scavengers and then sold it part by part.


Source: Facebook