Remember Katya Santos? Here Is Her Life Now After Leaving the Showbiz

The period of 90’s to early 2000’s have seen the growth of action movies and sexy films One of them was Katya Santos who started her career young.

Katya Santos born in 1982 and a Filipino actress and model she started her career on the Philippine television series Ang TV and Oki Doki Doc at the age of 13.

Katya joined the cast of the now-defunct afternoon show that popularized the statement, “Anong oras na? Ang TV na!” She eventually did comedy and drama showcasing her prowess as a child actress.


Moving forward as Katya got more mature, she decided to signed with the “Viva Hot Babes”, an entertainment company based in Manila, , which is also affiliated with other actresses such as Maui Taylor, Gwen Garci and Andrea del Rosario.

The wholesome image turns to aggressive one – that of a seductive temptress. They released albums with their hit song, “Bulaklak” and “Basketbol”.

Sukdulan movie was released in the year of 2003, she presented her first seductive movie but the Catholic Church condemned the movie due to brazen and inappropriate.

Katya was hailed “Materyales Fuertes and highlighted in men’s magazine, featuring her assets that appealed to many male.

Back in 2013, Katya married Anton delos Reyesa couch from Mapua Institue of Technology that same year, the newlyweds were blessed with a gorgeous daughter, Tala.

After all Katya always seeks to work on her fitness.


Now Katya is a full-time mother and wife to her family and franchising a MiniStop in Pasong Tamo.

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Source: InfactBuzz