Plastik Labo na Design sa Kasal Imbes na Lobo – Ikinagagalit Dahil 5k ang Kanilang Ibinayad Dito

Wedding ceremony is one of the most awaited moment of two couple to be reunited as one, husband and wife, bless by the Words of God and is recognized by law.

It is often associated with celebration because it is normally once in a lifetime event and almost everyone wanted it to be very special and remarkable but it seems that it is not what happened to one of our fellow Filipino citizen.

They’ve been looking forward to see the union of Mr. and Mrs. Puso and Bariniano at the Church but they didn’t expected that they will face such an awful experience from the very entrance of the wedding place.

Photo by: Estela Puso

According to ms. Estela Puso, who posted and expressed her anger and complaint in a social media, she was very disappointed with the set-up of the wedding venue.

She saw in the very entrance, “imbis na lobo, plastik labo ang design na tig P9.00 kada 100 piraso lang”, that’s why she was very thrilled to the organizer and the Catholic Church and she immediately expressed herself in social media after the wedding.

Estela also said in her post that the carpet runway is like a patched up fabric and the flowers looked-like been picked up in Divisoria.

They paid P2,000 + P5,000 that’s why she was disappointed because unlike the wedding of her two siblings, their wedding venue is decent.

This is Estela Puso’s post:

Source: FB: Estela Puso