Pinatunayan ng mga papeles at gobyerno na may pamilyang nagmamay-ari sa Pilipinas

Our beloved archipelagic country Philippines officially the Republic of the Philippines is said to actually belongs to a former Royal family wherein they have legal papers and confirmed by court to prove their claims.

Our beloved country experienced hardships from conquerors from other country before but it survived and restored its freedom up to now but someone claims that they own Philippines.

Land needs proofs to be owned and the claim is supported by paper proofs according to the court.

Proof of land ownership:

  1. Land Title, Decision with compromise agreement by court
  2. Writ of execution, demolition and possession order
  3. Certificate of sheriff return
  4. Annotation in back page of the titles
  5. Certification by government officials proving that the titles are not fake

There are 21 volume pages by court confirming the truth and cannot be falsified and some government officials and lawyers before also proved its validity including late president Ferdinand Marcos, former associate justice Felix Macasiar, Antonio Baredo, Hugo Guiterez, former senator Lorenzo Tañada, former senator Claro M. Rector, former senator Jose Diokno, former vice-president Emmanuel Pelaez, former chief justice Jose Yulo Sr., and Virgilio Papa attested the certified true copy of Land Title of Philippines.

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To summarize the story, the British defeated the Spaniard conquest. They made the Treaty of Paris to stop the war and sold the Philippines worth 20 million US dollars and Don Esteban Benitez Tallano, royal family, is the one who paid it.

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