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One-legged Man Hang At The Back of A Jeepney: No Choice of Sitting Inside Just To Get Home

A picture of the one-legged man was circling social media. The man was seen hanging on the back of a jeepney, which is a common view in the Philippines.

However, it is very uncommon to see a disabled person at the back of a jeepney. It is a disrespectful act, and the photo got many netizens being irritated.

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In the Philippines, there is a law that prioritises elderly, pregnant women, and PWD for public transport. Trains even have a special place for them and counters in the Philippines has a special lane for these citizens.

John Lourenze Wong, a netizen posted the photo. According to him, the man in blue seen in the photo confront the driver to let the handicapped sit instead of hanging at the back. Salute to this man, but what happened to humanity. With all the men sitting inside, no one is kind enough to offer a seat.

Netizens respond.


Source: definitelyfilipino