Niyaya ng mga Kaibigan na Kakain Lang ng Daw ng Mani Sa Kanto Kaya’t nag Duster Lang Siya

Friend? They are ones supporting you to everything, with your problems, with your love life, everything. They’re even the bully one yet they’re the true friends.

Mostly, friends are the one who knows your very deep problems and secret instead of your parents, and they’re the ones you wanted to be with, every time, because of the fun you created when you’re with each other.

The laughter, the crazy things you do, and all the bonding are things you won’t ever forget, forever.

Friends consider each other as siblings but with different mother and like other group of friends their story are no different as they shared their crazy story and this is what they did to one of their friend.

Her name is Sydney and her friend invited her to eat. Her friends said that they’re just going to eat deep-fried peanut with garlic and salt, a street food or finger food.

Photo by: Swabenamays


Her friends also said that it’s okay if she wore housedress/ house clothes not knowing that they’re actually going to eat in a fast food chain.

Photo by: Swabenamays


Sydney wore duster, a very old kind of clothing mostly wore by old persons or of a pregnant woman.

She’s the only one to wear house clothes, her friends wore fine clothes and also applied make-up.

Photo by: Swabenamays


Her friends including Sydney had so much laughter as they arrive to the fast food restaurant. Sydney shared the photos in her social account.

Photo by: Swabenamays


Source: Swabenamays