Nasaktan, lumuhod, at pinost pa sa social media, ito ang bagong yugto ngayon ni Xander Ford

Since we met Marlou Arizala, now Xander Ford, at social media where he appeared, all of his movements were criticized due to his looks. His popularity started being a member of Hasht5, a boy group, but he is popular especially to his haters wherein he is said to possess a bad character.

via: Facebook

We all know his physical appearance before, before he became Xander Ford with a new look.

Presently, he’s again a talk of the town in social media after posting a photo of him with his girlfriend.

In his post, he is kneeling in front of his girlfriend where he initially said that before you criticize him, read first the content of his post.

He explained that it was the last time of him and his girlfriend, Reah Zyne Tulfo, together. He said in his post that there is someone preventing their relationship but he isn’t giving up yet because he knows that Reah still loves him.

Xander also said that he isn’t ready yet to let her go and he wanted Reah to know that he is willing to wait even it take years just to be with her.

via: Facebook 

He’s happy in whatever decision Reah wanted but he added, “Sana maisip mo lahat ng pinag hirapan natin buuin, salamat sa pananakit mo”, which is somehow showing that his girlfriend must feel conscience.

And this line of him is scary because it seems and somehow means that he wanted to take away his life, “Mahal na mahal kita hanggang sa muli nating pagkikita, siguro  sa langit na tayo magkita, mauna na ako sayo.”

Xander Ford Arizala is known to make attention-seeking actions and this post might be one of it.


Source: Xander Arizala (Facebook)