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Nangingibabaw pa rin talaga ang magandang Gawain sa kabila ng maraming negatibong pangyayari sa Pinas

Almost all of the company are strict when it comes to the required attire when you are entering the company premises especially when you are just an applicant.

In the world of corporate industry, dress code policy isn’t just made to make you look formal because what you wear shape’s the public’s perception of you and or the company you represent.

When you’re entering a company, recruitment or human resources personnel will notice of how you represent yourself with your attire. It’s one among basic requirements you need to do to impress them and it’s for you to get hired. If you fail to do so, you need to improve yourself where you lack.

From the very entrance, in the front desk of a company, or even in any government agencies, if it happens that you only wear slippers which is very inappropriate, they will definitely won’t let you in but this is not what happened to one of our netizens and what happened to him is quite unexpected.

Sometimes when we’re on rush, we often forget things as our mindset is to not get late. There are also instances that we forget to wear shoes and unconsciously wore slippers instead.

This security guard became viral over social media because of his kind heart. An applicant is about to pass his employment requirement but he’s only wearing slippers. Fortunately, instead of not letting him in, the security guard lent his leather shoes without any hesitation so the applicant could submit his requirement and start his employment.

Helping others even not blood-related is a truly an act of kindness. Let’s hope and pray that everyone should help those who’s in needs because real change begins within each and every one.

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Source: Infactbuzz