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Nangibabaw ang kanilang pagmamahalan sa kabila ng kakaibang pisikal na anyo ng lalaki

In our world full of pessimistic and judgmental people, true love reign over their relationship despite of the guy’s odd physical appearance, a facial deformity, due to some vascular disease.

Boonmee Khantong, a 37-year-old, is the man behind the picture with a facial deformity. He is said to have a broken capillaries.

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Capillaries is known as the small blood vessels connecting vein and arteries and broken capillaries are cluster of tiny veins that have become dilated or broken that creates a reddish bruise appearance.

It is commonly seen on face or legs but with Boonmee Khantong, it appeared around his lower lips. Broken capillaries does not fade away or heal with time.

Phatsara, a 23-year-old, is Boonmee’s partner and they’re now married. They had their wedding ceremony in Boonmee’s village in northeastern Surin Province Thailand.

Boonmee revealed that he’s suffering from broken capillaries since he was young and they already visited hospital several times to get treatment but his family isn’t able to continue the treatment due to insufficient fund. There has been no improvement since then.

The couple met and fell in love with each other after Boonmee went to Hat Yai city where he work in his sister’s business.

They’re now living with pure love. Boonmee takes good care to his wife and her child.

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Photo by: Trendzilla
Photo by: Trendzilla
Photo by: Trendzilla


Source: Trendzilla