Nakita nya ang kanyang gilfriend na may kasamang iba sa kama pero hindi sya nagalit sa nakita nya

It’s normal for us when we caught our cheating partners to get furious and frustrated but, this story of Duston Holloways is making a good noise in social media platforms and has earned positive comments towards his attitude.


One night Duston Holloways came home to his apartment when he find out that his girlfriend is asleep with another man, according to his post he tried to waking up his girlfriend several times and none of it was effective; she’s drunk as hell.

The moment he realized that his girlfriend is too drunk to wake up, he took selfies with them and upload it to his Facebook with a caption:
“When you come home to another man in your bed with the one you loved. Good men deserve good women.”

Duston’s post has earned a lot of compliments on how brave he was in accepting the truth that all those dreams they have made together are now gone in just one night. Here are the compliments he got.

However there are still people who think that their voices matter to this issue and they even said that they would not date a man like Duston who would post a photo just to prove you are cheating. Basically because for these negative comments, Duston is after the fame:

For Duston and a like, may you find a better woman that will cherish every moment she’s with you and continue to be brave forget all the hurt you have been through. Kudos to you Duston Holloways!

Source: BoredPanda