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Muling Kiligin sa Restored Wedding Video ng Orihinal Na Probinsyano FPJ at ang Kanyang Misis na si Susan Roces

Wedding is one of the most memorable and exciting moments in one’s life. As much as possible, one wants it to be perfect and to capture every detail in a video and couple of pictures. Tanks to the technology, digital restoration is now possible even the video is way back in time.

Just like this 1968 wedding video coverage of the late Da King, Fernando Poe Jr. and his wife, Susan Roces which was successfully restored. Jeffrey Sonora shared the restored video of the wedding of the two stars, under the FPJ Productions.

FPJ or Ronald Allan Kelley Poe is a famous action star in the Philippine movie industry. His one-liner punchlines are very famous and people recognized him because of that. He has incredible fight scenes too that is why he was called “Da King”. His movies are all famous and blockbuster.

However, even his brusk personlaity, FPJ has a soft spot too. It was Susan Roces who captured his heart. Susan is one of the prettiest girl in her prime time and even now, she is simply glamorous.

“Susan and Ronnie”, that is their couple name and people called them that way. Their love story was a magical one and inspired many Filipinos. Many love their romantic story, especially their avid fans. The video leaves excitement to Susan and Ronnie’s fans and followers.

You can watch the video here and see how beautiful and magical Susan and Ronnie’s wedding was.

The late President Ferdinand Marcos and his wife, Imelda Marcos are one of the principal sponsors of the wedding. The wedding is a prestigious wedding of their time, one of the most glamorous events in the year 1968.

The video showed how Susan’s hair and makeup were retouched. Her hair dress is very high, and her makeup is simple, but she is indeed very pretty and elegant. She walks down the aisle and Da King have her hand for the marriage.

There are many people in the wedding day; it seems like a shooting day with many audience. But, the glow can be seen in both of their eyes- Susan and Ronnie. It was a special day that will last a lifetime,

Thanks to the FPJ Productions and Ms. Susan Roces by sharing this with the people. Their wedding day is indeed a very happy one. Despite being gone in 2004, FPJ never failed to keep his love alive for Susan.

Despite many problems, the couple still stands for each other. Salute to the couple and to their love story, truly an inspiration. Do you think their love story is magical?

Source: ArtistaNow