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Motivating: Hindi hadlang ang pagiging kakaiba para maging architect balang araw

Not everyone is perfect and normal because there are people who was born differently, with disability, or physical deformities.

Normally, normal people shows sympathy towards people with disability or deformities, thinking that they are helpless.

Some people who born differently feels awkward especially when people look at them because they feel that they are not part of the normal world.

The real disability is the disability of will and determination because everyone are born with special talents.

We should not let disability pull us back and not make it as an obstacle to bring ourselves to success.

We should also overcome the challenges of having disability and physical deformities and only look into the ability like Rizal Peralta Gutierrez who proved himself despite of his facial deformity.

Rizal Gutierrez is very talented in making artworks. He made portraits of Jose Rizal, President Rodrigo Duterte, Eraserhead’s lead vocalist Ely Buendia, and news anchor Mel Tiangco.

According to him, he wanted to become an architect someday. Rizal also received four treatment for his facial deformity.

With his special talent, Rizal sold one of his artworks worth P6,000 and it proves that his artworks are undeniably exquisite and exceptional.

He is truly one among inspirational and motivational personality to many!

Kudos to him!

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